Our Industry

Alcohol Regulation

As a distributor of wine, the Wine Cellars are proud to be part of the “middle tier” of the alcohol industry’s three-tier system. Beverages move from licensed suppliers (wineries) to licensed distributors (us) to licensed retailers (wine shops, restaurants, and wine bars). Why are we regulated? Because the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (which ended Prohibition in 1933) gave States the authority to make sure alcohol beverages are delivered through a safe and reliable system. The system is critical in maintaining product safety and addressing alcohol abuses such as drunk driving and underage drinking. And, the three-tier system provides a transparent chain of custody in alcohol sales and makes each part of the industry accountable for its practices.

Responsible Consumption

As the distributor of wine from Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, and responsible members of the states and local communities that we have the honor of serving, the Wine Cellars are committed to fostering the safe and sensible use of all adult beverage products. We recognize and share in concerns about underage drinking, driving under the influence, excessive consumption, and all other misuses of beverage alcohol. In an effort to address these challenges head-on, we have taken a supportive role —supporting numerous and varied efforts such as server-education programs, designated driver campaigns, under-age drinking prevention, and community awareness. We encourage and “live” the values of responsibility by embracing and complying with our own Alcohol Responsibility Policy and various other beverage alcohol responsibility programs.

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